What I wore; Party Time!

the details:
coat – forever 21 (from at least 5 years ago!)
skirt and shirt set – estate sale (FIFTY CENTS!)
belt – modcloth
sweater –thrifted
tooth pin – Rachel O’s on etsy
acorn pin – c/o Sugar Cookie
tights – We Love Colors

shoes – Soho c/o Wanted Shoes

This is what I wore to my grandpa’s 80th birthday surprise party last weekend.Β  I tried to pick out something at least moderately conservative (read: tattoos covered) Some days you just don’t feel like talking about them, especially with all your great aunts who don’t have filters from their brains to their mouths. The party was great, my grandpa was totally surprised and had a blast! He can’t stop talking about it!
Before the party I had a few hours to waste, so we headed to the cemetery. I figured there would be somewhere in there pretty to take outfit photos. Plus it was a beautiful day and I love exploring cemeteries! I love looking at all the old headstones, calculating how old they were, and imagining what they were like. Lets not forget what awesome names everyone had, so strong and powerful – I’m pretty jealous! I took a bunch of photos but afterwards realized I’d be much happier if the photos were film, not digital! I guess that just means we’ll have to go back again!
Hope you’re having a great Monday! I’ve got a busy one. Thanksgiving is sneaking up and I have so much to do before taking a little holiday break. (Don’t worry, I’ll still be blogging daily!)

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