what I wore : chilly wellies

hat – Gabriel Brothers
coat – Target (a few years back)
scarf – Modcloth
gloves – Kohls
camera bag – c/o August Wrinkle
boots – Women’s Wellies c/o Joules

I know it might not look like it but oh my gosh, it was so cold! Even colder than last week when I visited despite the fact there was less snow and ice this time. It was just super windy. But I had a blast shooting some outfit pictures that were a bit different than the ones I normally share, both outfit and photo style wise. If you were to find me at the beach on a day like this that’s definitely what I’d be wearing, not a cute dress!
I have a really  hard time feeling cute in things like this though. Normally when I’m all bundled up and in jeans I don’t feel like I put any effort into my look. But I’m finding if I focus on my accessories, both the ones you can see (cute boots! fun hat!) and the ones you can’t (necklace, cute socks, etc) I feel so much more put together than if I were just to put on any old warm things. I don’t know, it sounds kind of silly to write about. But it’s been something I’ve always struggled with and I’m working really hard to get over it and weeeeerk some winter clothes. Haha!
Hope you’re having a great Monday!
PS. Once again I’m the one that drove to the beach and back! It’s still scary as heck but I’m definitely improving. Drivers license – you will be mine soon!!

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