what I wore : it’s a jungle (gym) out there

hat – thrifted
sunglasses – Tumbleweeds Handcraft (more pictures here)
necklace – Glow Worm Shop
 tooth ring – Extollo Jewelry
chevron ring – c/o Eclectic Eccentricity
shirt – TJ Maxx
suspenders – eBay
camera bag – c/o ONA
shoes – c/o ShoeMint

The other day while looking around for a place to take outfit pictures I stopped at a baseball field that I thought had a nice bridge to take pictures on. Normally there are lots of people there in the evenings so even though I’ve passed it many times I’ve never actually stopped. It turned out to be a pretty great place to take pictures. There was a bunch of old playground equipment strewn about, even a jungle gym in the woods. I waded through more major prickers (seriously, prickers like I’ve never even seen before. My poor legs… Also, I’m pretty sure “prickers” is a colloquialism, you might be more familiar with a briar patch.) to get to it. It was surprisingly sturdy. I’m not sure why it was moved away from it’s original location but it sure is charming in the woods. I definitely plan on going back again for more pictures. Something about urban decay is really neat to me.

Do you remember a little while back when I posted an outfit with a striped shirt that I got from TJ Maxx with elbow pads but the elbow pads were sewn on wrong, one was actually on the inside of my arm instead of on my elbow? Well the other day when I was browsing the racks at TJ Maxx I found another one except this one is even better! It’s black and white striped, far superior to the grey and off white stripes on the other shirt, and the elbow pads are exactly where they should be. I’m so excited about it. This is the perfect shirt. Seriously, all my favorite shirt qualities! It might sound silly to be so pumped about a shirt but finding ones I am 100% happy with is hard!

Happy Monday!

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