a small office update…

I’m still working on getting my new office sorted out. It’s (very) slowly but surely coming along. I’m tackling it area by area. First my closet, then my book/oddities shelf and now this wall. I saved the hutch off my old desk because I figured it might make a neat little shelf to keep some of my knick knacks on since I planned on getting a much smaller desk. Turns out it’s not only sturdy, it looks perfect!

The mirror is what really does it for me! I’m really bad at hanging things on the wall, I just hate to commit. But the second I saw this mirror at Ikea I knew it was perfect for that space. It really opens the room up and since it’s opposite the windows in the room it reflects the light wonderfully.

Next up is my desk area! It took forever to find the perfect desk for this room. I had a hard time finding something simple enough. I wanted something that looked lighter and neater than my previous one. I feel like waiting to get a desk really delayed the progress in this room but I’m happy I waited. I think the one I ordered will be perfect. I can’t wait to for it to get here and get it set up!

tooth planters by Hello Sweetie
tooth candle was a gift.
jackalope jewelry holder from Modcloth.
mirror, striped box & plant house from Ikea.
vase & fly are vintage.


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