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I think I’m overdue for a puppy update! Klaus came home 26 days ago and
since then things have slowly but surely fallen into a routine. The first week was scary, for sure. Even though I’ve only had my license for a short time I’d already become accustomed to being able to leave the house whenever I wanted for as long as I wanted. But having a puppy threw a wrench in that. I was back to being stuck at home since I wasn’t quite ready to take him anywhere (plus I’m pretty sure you can’t take dogs to Ikea or any of the silly museums I was planning on visiting. Haha!) After our second week together things got a lot easier. He’s finally on pretty consistent sleep, eat, potty, play schedule so I’m able to sneak out for longer periods of time without worrying which is great for both of us since I’m a lot less crazy when I haven’t been stuck at home for a few days straight. Hah! 

I’m not sure if you can tell much he’s grown from these pictures but I certainly can tell, especially when he’s near the cats. He used to be smaller than them but he’s very quickly getting taller and taller. I can also see some changes in his face as well. He looks a little bit less like a baby pup everyday which makes me equal parts sad and happy. His ears are perkier than when I first got him. They used to go up only occasionally but now they almost always look like they do in these pictures. I hope they stay like this forever, it makes him look so inquisitive. He’s getting heavier and heavier everyday too. I can’t wait to see how much weight he’s gained at his next vet appointment. He was a mere seven pounds at his first appointment! He’s not quite as easy to pick up anymore.

There haven’t been any huge breakthroughs on the puppy/kitty relations front. Although there definitely have been some improvements. Squid now comes out of hiding while Klaus is playing and none of the boys have any issues with coming to get pet while Klaus is playing beside me. Doctor Octopus is still swatting and hissing at him only after Klaus does his little play bow thing that puppies do instead of immediately when he sees him. I can’t wait to see how they’re doing together in another month.

Potty training is going very well, like I mentioned above we’re on a pretty consistent schedule. He hasn’t had any accidents in his crate at all. He’s even very polite about pooping. My mom and I took my nephew to the playground last week. We were sitting in the grass playing with Klaus when I noticed he wasn’t so interested in playing anymore. I got up and took him on a very brief walk where he immediately squatted down. He didn’t want to poop by us because he knew that’s where we were playing. Maybe that’s not that special, maybe I think puppies are more rude than they really are but I thought that was pretty awesome of him.

He’s starting to get the hang on “come” but can still be quite easily distracted. He still awesome at walking on a leash but sometimes is a bit of a tugger.  He’s basically a pro at “leave it” and I’m happy to say he’s fiiiiinally starting to like treats! I picked up this book about training a puppy because, like I’ve said before, I’m clueless about dogs. I mean I understand basically how to do things but raising my perfect companion is scary and it makes me feel a lot better to have some sort of reference. The internet just seemed like too overwhelming of a place to look for puppy info. There are so many different ways to raise a dog and so many varied opinions! But I think Klaus and I are doing pretty dang well together so far.

How stinken’ cute does he look in the bow tie?! It’s actually from the kitty department and isn’t a real collar so he can’t wear it all the time. When he finally stops growing like a weed I’d like to get him a real bow tie collar because he really does wear it well.

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  • too cute!!!
    He's getting old enough soon that you can enroll him in an Obedience I class (the first one dogs can do besides puppy training, which is basically just puppy playdates :)). I took my dog to the local SPCA for a series of training classes (inexpensive!) and it REALLY helped. Night and day.
    After he has his last shots don't forget to start taking him to the dogpark so he can socialize with other dogs and get good doggy manners 🙂 This will make bringing him everywhere with you much easier!