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I certainly don’t blog about Klaus enough. Some of my favorite posts to look back on are the ones from right after I adopted Professor Stingray. Watching him grow in photos and reading all about his little quirks (almost all of which he still has!) is the best. I want to have posts like that to look back on about Klaus.

I’m an extremely visual person. It’s more than likely that photos inspire me to write a post as opposed to writing a post and taking pictures specifically for it. Klaus is a ball of energy so pictures of him taken with something other than my iPhone are few and far between. But I’m now making it my mission to take more pictures of this pup and write more about him.

Where shall we start? Perhaps with the fact that he’s tripled in size since the day he came home. At the emergency clinic on the first day he weighed a whopping 7lbs. As of the 13th of September he weighed 21.8lbs. I can tell he’s gained since then too. In the last few weeks especially I’ve realized how large he’s getting. It was like one day I woke up and he wasn’t a puppy anymore. It’s harder to pick him up now and forget carrying him around, that’s definitely a thing of the past. That dog is solid!

Klaus facts :

• He’s lost most of his baby teeth, which I’m sad to report I didn’t find any of!
• He’s gotten into the habit of rolling over on his back to show off his belly when you approach his crate to let him out. It’s the funniest because he maintains eye contact and does it in super slow motion.
• He still doesn’t bark regularly which I couldn’t be happier about. He’s barked maybe a total of ten times.
• He loves to be under things. When he was smaller it was all about being under the coffee table but now that he’s way too big for that he’s finding new things to be under. If you’re sitting on the ground with your legs bent, you best believe he’ll be under your legs. Every morning when I do my stretches he loves to run under me and lie down.
• I recently got him his first tennis ball and that boy LOVES to run after it. Actually, he really just loves running. At least once a day he gets the zoomies, where he just goes nuts and races around the backyard.
• He went to the beach for the first time this month. He was afraid of the waves but loved the abundance of sticks. I’m excited to take him back soon.
• He finally outgrew his first harness. I’m actually heading to the store to get him a new collar today. He’s not wearing one right now and he looks hilariously naked. Hah!

There still haven’t been any huge breakthroughs with the cats. They tolerate him a lot more than when he first came home but still no direct playing and definitely no cuddling yet. The cats no longer leave the room when Klaus comes trotting in. A few days ago I had Klaus out and was playing with him when I walked into the kitchen to spot Doctor Octopus laying down in Klaus’ crate. Even if Klaus wasn’t around, that still feels like a great step! Klaus normally thinks that Doctor Octopus is trying to play with him when he’s swatting and hissing which is equal parts hilarious and sad. Poor guy just doesn’t understand the cats are grumpy and don’t want to wrestle with him.

It’s been a blast so far. Having a puppy is great but I’d be lying if I said I was excited for him to grow up and calm down a bit. He can be a bit of a pain in the butt sometimes but I think we’re making decent progress together. Soon I’d like to start him in some obedience classes.

On another note, does anyone have an recommendations for dog shampoo that actually leaves your dog smelling good? The biggest shock of having a dog is realizing they kind of smell horrible. Haha! Seriously though, I’ve tried a handful of shampoos already and within a day or two he’s back to being a stinky dog. Having Klaus makes having four cats seem like super low maintenance, at least they can bathe themselves.

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  • I used to work at a doggy daycare, and when it was time for the pups to go home, some parents would request a waterless shampoo spray before putting their stinky dogs in the car. its just a leave in spray that comes in a squirt bottle. we spritz it on the dog's back, rub them down with a rag, and they go home smelling fresh. I've seen it at Petco and Petsmart…

  • Hi! I enjoy reading your animal posts, and your other updates too. Your Klaus is looking so grown up. We have a rat terrier, who is eleven years old now. I so miss those crazy runs in the yard & in the house. Treasure these years, they go by so fast. She didn't bark for the first year of her life, but she has more than made up for it since then. 🙂 And I must be weird, but I love the smell of dogs. At least my dog, lol. She doesn't stink. I think it all comes down to the food they eat. Good in, good out! Love your blog!

  • My dog's shampoo is medicated but I'd recommend an Oatmeal scented shampoo, which is what we used before we had to get him his medicated shampoo. There's also leave-in conditioners and sprays you can use that leave them smelling great (well, as great as a dog can smell).

  • baby shampoo is great! and in between washes just use a bit of regular old bicarb soda to absorb any odour. sprinkle some over his coat and brush or massage it in. works a treat

  • You can get fragrant sprays and dry shampoos from pet stores that are totally safe to use (and they leave my sausage dog smelling of blueberries!)

  • I second the Pethead recommendation. It's made by the people who make BedHead products for humans. And they're kind of pricey ($10-$15) but they are so worth it! They last a long time, leave them smelling like blueberry muffins, and super soft. Good luck, Klaus is the cutest. I wish we could all meet up at the dog park to play lol

  • I wash my dogs about twice a year and they never smell – although some dogs are stinkier – I'm looking at you labradors! greasy beasts. As a vet nurse I recommend less frequent washing anyway – you don't want to use anything soap based (like detergents) as this will strip the oils from the dogs coat and dry out their skin making then more suseptible to bacterial and fungul infections, particularly when they are young dogs adjusting to new pollens and allergens in their environments with decreased immunity. Too frequent washing will also decrease the efficiency of flea products which rely on the oil glands on the hairs to spread the product systemically. Anyhoo, thats enough talking about dog washing for now! hope the information helped.

  • A lot of people have mentioned food and they're right! Puppy's diet does affect how he smells. Also, there are spritzes made for dogs' coats, kind of like a perfume. I don't like to spray it directly on my dog, I spray it in my hands and rub it in his coat. But again, it really comes down to diet, perfumes in the shampoo only cover the smell. Slowly change up the foods and see if that helps, hopefully you should barely have to wash him in the future!