what I wore : Life Fantastic

shirt – Man Man
jeans – H&M
jacket – c/o HauteLook
scarf – Modcloth
camera bag – Siena c/o Jo Totes
shoes – c/o Twisted Shoes

I’m obsessed with this shirt. The kind of obsessed where you don’t want to wear something because you want to keep it perfect. Not only is it zombie Ben Franklin eating pizza in a cemetery, it was one of the only souvenirs I bought on my first big solo roadtrip. I’m also a huge fan of this style of shirt, raglan shirts are the best!

You guys, I could talk about how much I love Man Man basically until the end of time. They’ve been my favorite band for a really long time but I got to see them live for the very first time at the beginning of this year. Then I miraculously caught them three more times. And by “miraculously” I mean I drove… a lot. Worth every single mile. There are only a few bands I can listen to over and over and over and they’re certainly one of them. There’s just something about Man Man that just sucks me in and I cannot get enough. They’re on tour now, you should go check them out because they’ll blow your mind plus some of the dates are with Xenia Rubinos and she can siiiiing! At the very least, give my favorite Man Man song, Van Helsing Boombox, a listen. (Also try Rabbit Habits, Against The Peruvian Monster, Whalebones & Poor Jackie) You won’t be sorry!

It was really cold taking these pictures. I mean, really reeeeally cold. As much as I totally adore this coat I know that forty outfit posts in a row featuring it would get super boring so I had to lose the coat for most of the pictures. Although I did have to include one photo of it because it looked super snazzy with the jeans and I wanted to show off my new scarf. Anyway, jumping pictures help keep you warm. And that smile in the fourth picture? The look of sheer insanity which is exactly what you need to be a blogger in the winter.

Happy Monday!

PS. Here’s a photo I took on the other side of the cemetery right after I took outfit pictures. Isn’t it so pretty!?

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