What I’ve been reading…

My last three books of the year! Finishing up the last one left me at 40 books read in 2013. Not too shabby, aye? I’m pretty stoked with surpassing my goal by ten books.

What I’ve been reading…
Chicken by David Henry Sterry
The Last Living Slut by Roxanna Shirazi
Brothel by Alexa Albert

I’m unsure what to even say about The Last Living Slut. I love the idea of the book, it sounded promising, but it actually just made me feel uncomfortable. The one line in particular really killed it for me?  “I didn’t want to do this, but I wanted to be polite.” She’s talking about having sex with someone. Ehhh. In the beginning of the book she started off talking about how important a “female’s pursuit of sexual pleasure” is but it never really felt like it was about her pleasure, more like she was the one being used by these “rock stars” (I had no idea who half of these people were.) I’d have no problem with the book if it were more transparent from the start but various stories mention her being uncomfortable with what was about to happen. There was no grand redemption in end, I just left with a bad taste in my mouth.

Brothel started off slow but quickly picked up the pace. It was really interesting to read about a brothel from the perspective of a “square” -meaning she wasn’t a prostitute- female. Alexa Albert visited, lived with, and eventually became really great friends with the ladies of Mustang Ranch, one of the most prominent legal brothels in Nevada, while conducting a public-health study. 

Chicken was my favorite from this group and easily one of my favorites from the whole year. I’ve previously read Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys and Johns, Marks, Tricks and Chickenhawks which are collections of writings written by… well… everyone that titles mention, both books were edited by David Henry Sterry. I’d seen him mention Chicken in those books but finally got around to picking it up recently. Oh my goodness, it was wonderful. I’ve read a lot of books on prostitution but never one by male prostitute. I highly, highly recommend it. 

I’m so excited to hop into a new book. I’ll definitely be setting another reading goal for 2014. It’s so wild to think that just two years ago I thought that there was nothing else out there I’d enjoy reading other than Chuck Palahniuk. Once I got started I just kept unearthing more and more subjects I really enjoy. I encourage you to set a reading goal for the new year as well, it doesn’t matter how small. Reading one book is better than none!

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