cabinet(s) of curiosities

Back in October I shared some peeks of my cabinet of curiosities,
since then my collection has grown and bigger than that, I’ve moved. My
new apartment has the best built in cabinets with gorgeous glass doors
on each side of the entrance to my tiny kitchen. The second I saw them I
knew I’d fill them with skulls, teeth and the like. I also chose to have my hutch, that at my old residence held weather houses, in the dining room to house the rest of my collection. I absolutely love how it looks.

It’s really fun to have these things I love so much on display instead of tucked away in my office. From my desk, which is set up in the back corner of the living room, I can see into the dining room where I have the perfect view of the hutch.

Not the best photo, thanks iPhone panorama feature, but here’s one last photo so you can get the gist of the room’s layout, and a better look at those beautiful built ins.

I’m really loving this place. For the most part, I’d say I definitely had creative control over my last place but this one is mine. Every little corner is mine, everything in it is mine, and I can make it look exactly how I’d like which is almost kind of overwhelming in a way. I’m a little bit stumped on what to hang on the walls. As you can kind of see in that last photo I have some prints taped to the wall. Not permanently of course, but just to see what it would look like. Previously I was a cluster-er when decorating. For example, all my paint by numbers went on one wall, all the cuckoo clocks together on another, etc. So, my first choice is to hang my taxidermy in there because it would fit so well with the rest of the things but I’m thinking of mixing it up and spreading my taxidermy out throughout the place. Plus those prints really are perfect for in there. We’ll see! I’ll surely share full room photos are soon as I figure out what to hang more permanently than with tape.

Author: Kaylah

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  • Kaylah! if you ever find yourself in asheville, nc please please please visit Freaks and Geeks Tattoo Sideshow. Even if you don't plan on getting a tattoo, I think you should just go and check it out, I know you would love it. They have a "curiosity cabinet" and all kinds of collections of strange and freaky and wonderful taxidermy hehe. The whole place is like a big collection of freaky circus and vintage things. It's amazing and the best place ever to get tattooed. LOVE <3

  • Oh my! I love your collection! I'm slowly gathering stuff for Hubby's steampunk study and my dentist has been very helpful. He gave me some of his precious porcelain anatomy teeth. I know, right? Most of the other stuff I've made, like a dead fairy in a jar and a mummified brownie (the fairy kind, not the..uh..). I love your monarch wings in a glass jar! So stealing that idea, when it finally warm enough for butterflies.

  • I love stuff like this! I recently started a small insect collection. I don't really do it properly–I just find intact dead ones in my dad's yard and pin them in a box. I also have a taxidermy alligator head. Your collection is rad.