A love letter to my car

Hey there, sweet thing! Today is our one year anniversary. Exactly one year ago today I signed the paperwork that made you mine. I didn’t even get to drive you home since I didn’t have my license yet, only my permit. I was too nervous to drive on the highway, a highway that we would eventually move very close to and drive on almost every day.

I remember the first time I saw you on craigslist, I took a screenshot that I still have tucked away somewhere. I didn’t even have to sit inside you before I was sold. You were even prettier in person than you looked online. You did have a bit of a funny smell from the previous owner. Something similar to hamster bedding, the clean kind. It was weird but I eventually came to love it and am kind of bummed that it’s either finally went away or that I’m so used to it I can no longer smell it.

Together we’ve gone on many adventures. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Columbus, Akron, Cincinnati, and so many more places. We’ve seen so many stupid roadside attractions together, including that silly giant basket. We’ve visited at least thirty cemeteries together and I hope we get to visit a few hundred more.

 Sometimes you can be a jerk. Right now you’re a little shaky. I know, I know, it’s the pot holes in Lakewood that did it to you so it’s not your fault. I need to get your tires aligned. But how about that time your tire blew out at 2am on the highway in Cleveland before I moved here? Or when you wouldn’t start in Pittsburgh and I had to call AAA and sign up on the spot so they’d jump me? Regardless, you’re still great, I don’t really blame you for any of those things.

You’re a petite little thing but still have lots of space for anything I might find out adventuring and need to haul home. Your tinted windows, and low profile tires (thanks to your previous owner) make you look so slick. Basically, you’re everything I could ever want in a car. If I can’t have my dream car, you’re absolutely the next best thing. 

Sorry I never gave you a real name, but I hope we get to go on a million more adventures together. You’ve made me a Volkswagen fan forever. 

Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • This is so adorable. I love that your first car is the size of two of my cars. Good for you because it looks terrifying to me. Also I'm glad I'm not the only one afraid of driving.

    Also I got the dress and I sincerely thank you for your kindness and maybe our paths will cross one day and I can thank you in person!

  • I didn't get my license until I was nearly 22 because of fear of driving. I couldn't imagine NOT being able to have the freedom to drive now. (I'm 35.) — I am very proud of you for getting your license and your can and JUMPING right in on those long distance trips! – I have only done 2 short long distance trips. Driving in a place that is unfamiliar is SO scary to me and I refuse to use the interstate. Any tips on how you did it? I'd love to read about how you plan for and go about your adventures!

  • Volkswagen, the best first car ever!! <3 Year goes by fast right? But still remembering that first day gets you just as excited again when you get in the next time. I really like my own VW, which I also have a year. Sadly it's slowly dying on me. Hopefully you got better luck with yours!!

  • Loved your letter! My Marlene, a 2006 GTI, is everything I could possibly want in a car. Safe. Reliable. Fast but fuel efficient, and practical. 115,000 miles and people still can't believe she is 8 years old!