found on the beach

I finally found a beach I can do one of my favorite hobbies at! Mickey and I had visited a beach right before everything thawed hoping to find some glass. I was super stoked because, although we found barely any glass, there was tons of trash. I couldn’t wait to go back and collect it for one of my found on the beach trash photos. I went back right after it thawed to find they had completely cleaned up. I was starting to think maybe, just maybe, they take better care of the beaches in Cleveland than in Geneva.

Fast forward a month or so, my boyfriend Jeff takes me to this new beach he loves that I hadn’t been to yet. At first I just like “Oh, this beach has lots of trash…” then it hit me and the words “this beach has lots of trash” meant something a little bit different. I couldn’t wait to go back and with a tote bag and start gathering colorful trash for a photo.

I think this might even have ended up being one of my favorite sets of these found on the beach photos I’ve taken. I actually collected so many things that they wouldn’t all fit in the photo. I’m finding my 40mm prime lens is a little bit limiting as of late and this was definitely one of those situations. I wish I could have kept building my little rectangle of trash larger and larger. I guess I have the rest of the summer to do so!



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