the BEST estate Sale

It’s no secret that I love estate sales. Now that I’m living in Lakewood I’m finding that there are A LOT more sales nearby than where I used to live. I’ve had some pretty awesome luck at the sales too. Even if I don’t find anything I really just enjoy snooping around people’s homes. But a few weekends back I hit the jackpot. I’ve always said my dream estate sale would be a doctors and as luck would have it I finally got to attend one.

It was probably the craziest estate sale I’ve ever been to. Jeff and I arrived super early in order to get numbers. I got number six, which for some dumb reason really made this other lady mad but that’s another story, and Jeff got nine. We left for coffee and hot chocolate then came back about twenty minutes before the sale started. Since we had such low numbers we were let in as soon as the doors opened but I watched as someone immediately grabbed the few things I had seen online and had counted on buying. It was a mad house inside. The sale was packed with amazing things but as quick as you could spot them people were slapping sold stickers on them. I did manage to find a few spectacular pieces to buy that day but I wasn’t satisfied…

The next day, presuming everything would be picked over but at least it wouldn’t be crowded, I headed back. I arrived around noon, three hours after the sale started, and it was empty. I was the only shopper. Even better than that they had set out a bunch of new stuff. I scored…BIG TIME. I have literally never found so many amazing things in one place. I’m over the moon about my purchases. Here’s what I got…

A raised relief of Alaska! I adore raised relief maps. I only own a few of them but I’m always on the look out. They tend to go for pretty expensive online. This didn’t have a price tag on it so I was prepared to leave it behind if they wanted too much. When I asked I was more than tickled with the response of “two bucks.” Heck yes!

A model heart was one of the things I was really counting on getting at this sale. Sadly the one I wanted was way out of my price range. The next day I went back to find this one sitting on the table for $10. Aw, yessss!

A brain! Originally in eight pieces, for teaching purposes not because it was broke, I had to glue it together into two main pieces so it would sit nicely.

Found this on the second day as well. I’m so happy to add this piece to my collection. I actually already own a matching foot. I didn’t realize it until I got home, it even came with the original booklet that has all the parts labeled. Quite an awesome find.

My favorite piece of the day! Even the little old ladies at the checkout were admiring it.  The brain is removable and comes apart into four pieces so you can see the insides. It’s quite heavy.

I’m still riding high on this amazing estate sale score. I can’t believe all the awesome things I was able to get at one sale. What a dream come true!

If you’re looking for estate sale tips, check out this post. It’s from 2011 but not too much has changed.

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  • Whoooaaaaa! So much awesome in one post! I'd be over the moon ecstatic to get hands on so many killer medical models. Possibly more than you, since I have none so far. 😛

    Nice score!

  • It sounds awesome! I've wanted to go to estate sales but I just don't really do well with crowds and I don't want to have to fight over anything. The second day you went sounds like my perfect day haha.

  • Wow, LOVING all your amazing finds! What good fortune that you were the only one there the second day!

    I was at an antique store the other day and I saw a foot model like that hand you got – it made me think of you and your awesome collection! 🙂

  • I love estate sales! But yeah, they can be a bit nutty sometimes, particularly if it's in a rich neighborhood or there's a high-profile person involved.

    I don't think I've ever been to a sale that hands out numbers, though. That sounds way intense.

    I gotta say, that map is incredible.

  • This past semester when I was in anatomy&physiology II, my perception of the models went from "educational tool" to "hey that'd look good in my display shelf". I'm holding you responsible for this haha

  • Oh my word, I'm so jealous! Such awesome, awesome finds. I really love the hand and the map, though my favourite has got to be the last one. What a killer trip

  • Oh my, how amazing!!! I know about estate sales from another blogger and I am so envious!!! We don't have those, while they look like real treasure hunting. The only thing I do not like about it is that aggressive fight atmosphere that seems to be going on. Crazy!