abandoned truck stop

Recently Jeff and I stumbled upon this incredible abandoned restaurant / gas station / truck stop / former motel. From the road it just looked like it would be a quick stop but we really had no idea how awesome it would actually be. I’m not one hundred percent happy with all of these photos but I do think there are a few winners in the bunch, and the others just help give a better idea of what this place was like.

I’d really like to head back to this place to shoot it again. Like I said, I didn’t expect the building to be as awesome as it was so I was kind of having a difficult time concentrating on photographing it. I just kept wanting to see what was around every corner. Not to mention it was fairly dark inside, and I didn’t have my tripod on me.

Oh, and if the building wasn’t awesome enough, this was on the side of it…


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  • I was googling on Dainty, since my blog is called Dainty Dream and I've found your blog. Awesome photos! I wish we had more abandoned places here in the Netherlands! But our country is probably to small for that.. I did went to an abandoned city in Belgium (blogged about it yesterday if you like to see). Your blog is a great source of inspiration.

  • oh hey! not anonymous here. made an account so i could comment again. haha. anyway, i don't know if you have read paper towns by john green or if that is even your cup of tea, but there is a small section in the book about these people going to abandoned places just to photograph them but not take or destroy anything and it made me think of you and your bf and yalls adventures. i read that this past weekend. fast forward to the day of this post and the fourth photo is just like a scene in that book. very cool and funny timing. (too long of a comment for twitter. haha)

  • This is so trippy for me to see because it's the destroyed twin of a truck stop between NC and NY that my dad and I have stopped at several times. Like I've eaten in 'that' restaurant! So weird to see a destroyed version.