burnt + abandoned factory

Not too long ago Jeff and I found ourselves inside a new building. Not a new building new building. Quite the opposite actually, this one had been abandoned and even caught on fire at one point. This is just one of the very few we’ve gotten to explore for the first time together. The building was fairly small, at least compared to a lot of the other places I’ve been in. Inside there were three floors. The first was dark, damp, and full of miscellaneous furniture. The second floor was full of chairs, and the third just had desks. The first floor seemed to be the one most affected by the fire. Charred desks were scattered about. The second and third floor had their own problems, namely reeeally really sketchy floors. I’m honestly surprised one us didn’t have at least a foot go through.

Like I mentioned above, the first floor was dark, and damp which is the absolute perfect condition for mushrooms to grow. I’ve spotted mushrooms in abandoned buildings before. It’s always exciting but there were SO many here. In the past I probably would have admired them briefly before deciding it was way too dark to shoot and moved on. Buuut I am learning my camera, and I have someone who is always encouraging me to push myself. With the flashlight from my phone and the perfect camera settings I was able to shoot these photos. I’m obsessed with them. I couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off my face after I saw what I captured. I love that the mushrooms look like they’re about to be abducted by aliens!


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