Cleveland after dark

One day last week Jeff and I spent the whole day out exploring. I guess that’s not necessarily too out of the ordinary but it was definitely a great day. We started the morning with an abandoned train tunnel where I got my boots super dirty. I seriously had to scrub my toes for so long that night to get them clean, that was not regular old mud. Then we met up with a friend to check out some abandoned buildings. I took a ton of awesome photos that I can’t wait to share later this week. After a break to cool down and let the sun go down we went back out to do a little bit a climbing and capture some of the beauty Cleveland has to offer after dark.

It was certainly a lot of fun. Climbing was an incredible experience. Seriously, so invigorating. Fingers crossed there is more of this in my future.

This is really some of my very first night time photography. I’m not too experienced at all. I have a pretty good idea of how to take photos in the dark but I definitely need a bit more practice. All in all, for my first night time photos, I’m pretty darn stoked with how these turned out. 

I also had Five Guys for the first time that day. Wow! But that’s
neither here nor there but probably worth mentioning because once again,
wow. Haha.

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