what I wore : back again

dress – Brand New Bookstore Dress c/o Modcloth
shoes – Blowfish Shoes
camera bag – Siena c/o Jo Totes
lapel pin – garage sale
bracelet – c/o Rings & Tings

Oops! I took another accidental outfit post hiatus. You guys, I’ll get the hang of this again. I swear! It’s so easy to forget to do, or not make time to do once you fall out of the habit. But I really do miss outfit posts, and I hope you miss seeing them.

It’s also easy to forget to take outfit pictures when your wardrobe has changed significantly. I think I talked about it once before, how I grew up having “nice” clothes and “play” clothes and even though I’m an adult now I still can’t seem to merge the two. Since my two main hobbies are urban exploration and biking, I spend most of my time in tank tops and shorts not pretty dresses. I’m normally covered in dirt and somehow always have bike grease on my leg. I miss wearing my “nice” clothes though. Jeff’s sister’s boyfriend hosted a white linen party last week and since I literally don’t own any white (I mean, I have tons of black and white stripes… but that doesn’t count) this is what I wore. It felt really nice to put on something pretty. But hey, maybe sometime soon I’ll shoot an outfit true to what you’d find if you encountered me out on a bike ride, bike grease and all!

Anyway, THIS DRESS! Holy smokes. I’ve been stalking it forever. It finally went on sale and I went for it despite being nervous about the mixed reviews. It fits like a dream! I feel so great in it. Any item of clothing that makes me feel cute and dainty, as well as powerful and sexy at the same time is a win in my book!


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