Abandoned Auditorium

On my birthday, Jeff and I went to one of the places we went on our first date. It’s kind of funny actually, I was SO incredibly shy he didn’t know whether or not I was having a good time. He swears I showed a total lack of emotion that day. I didn’t even pull out my camera once. I was overwhelmed, in a really good way. I was with this cute guy who took me somewhere I thought was incredibly cool. I was looking at all these spots in the building thinking “oh man, this would be a great spot for a first kiss!” At one point we even went up on the roof, and I thought “this is it, he’s gonna do it now!” Nope. Haha! Anyway, ever since then I’ve been itching to go back there and shoot it.Two main things I’ve noticed about this building:
1. There are a lot of shoes in this place. Basically every room has at least one shoe in it. And they’re awful shoes. They remind me of being seven or eight and getting all the shoes my aunt wanted to put in the family garage sale, just ugly bridesmaid shoes. (Totally loved them when I was that young though, nothing better than dress up shoes! I mean, c’mon!)
2. Weird chairs! Are they melting? Jeff says they’ve slowly been doing this for a long time. What exactly is happening here?!

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