abandoned auto parts + apartments

One of many buildings we explored on our grand adventure day was formerly an auto parts store on the lower level with apartments upstairs. We’ve actually all been itching to hit small buildings as opposed to the big factory buildings. Factories are interesting, but normally they’re pretty gutted. Scrappers have stolen anything and everything worth money, equipment is gone, and they’re just big empty buildings. Small buildings are normally less ravaged in that sense. They have more things left in them, including personal items that help tell a story about the building’s former life.

This place was FULL of stuff. The only other thing I had seen like it was at the Salton Sea. The floor was absolutely covered in the downstairs. You couldn’t see the actual flooring at all. There were tons of stuffed animals, clothes, boxes, as well as miscellaneous papers. Surprisingly, it somehow didn’t smell.


Ps. Did you spot the GIF?

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  • Ahahaha creative! I like the creepyness of it. I'm feeling a story vibe.

    Children. Children and toys and shouts and mess. Some days she dreamed of OUT. Out where character was a city, not a body. Where walls were sky-high and limited, and gave way after another corner or another street, and didn't surround and cover from above.

    Some days she just dreamed of finding the bottom and beauty of IN. Maybe beneath the mud there were honey-colored floorboards. Maybe under old floral wallpaper was marble, and under her crooked apron was soft clothing.

    And maybe it would all end, and she would be free.

    -Just some words I felt after seeing those pictures.

  • I had to do a double take when I scrolled to the GIF. I don't think I've ever seen an abandoned space crammed with so much stuff. The stuffed animals gave off a bit of an eerie vibe for me, but maybe I've just played too many survival horror video games.