camping in ohiopyle

The weekend before last Jeff and I went camping with my family in Ohiopyle, PA. When talks of a family camping trip came up I suggested Ohiopyle for it’s natural waterslides. We had camped there before over ten years ago and it’s still such a distinct memory. Due to the craaaazy amount of people there we didn’t actually even get to see the waterslides, let alone play on them but it was a great trip regardless. I saw lots of critters, photographed tons of mushrooms (more on those in another post), and Klaus even got to come along. We hiked, played in the water, and ate oodles of food cooked over the camp fire. It was a great little break from everyday life.

Saturday evening it started to rain, and I mean it RAINED. It was such an intense storm. Even though our tent was far from waterproof, and everything got wet it was actually really fun. Klaus was justifiably afraid of the storm so we let him sleep between us. He was quite the little tent hog but it was kind of the cutest thing ever.

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