celebrating six months in Cleveland

Today marks six months since I signed the paper work, and picked up the keys to my own apartment. Can I just say it’s been a damn fine six months. Perhaps the best six months of my life. Moving to the city was a big, scary change. A few weeks ago when I was talking to my mom about how much I loved Cleveland, she said something along the lines of “it was scary for all of us, but it really was the best thing for you.” And it was. I was unhappy for a long time before coming here. Something had to happen, I had to leap. It was a necessity. I left behind so much; a lot of possessions, and a lot of familiar things. I gave up a house that I helped buy. I moved somewhere where I didn’t really know anyone. Do you know what though? It was so worth it because I found things I had been missing: freedom, a sense of self, happiness.

Since moving to Cleveland, life has been so much different. I’ve made awesome friends that I love dearly, discovered a love for a handful of new hobbies, and grown as person. I don’t even feel like the same Kaylah I was this time last year. It’s kind of funny actually, when I got my taxes done back in April I visited the same accountant that I used the year before (Which was my first year with her. Before that I was efiling taxes online), during our visit she mentioned multiple times how happy I seemed, how outgoing I was, and how I seemed like a new person. I was just tickled pink that someone I had only seen on a few brief instances could see such a huge change in me.

This is almost kind of strange to post. It’s personal. Even though this is my “personal blog”, I try to stay away from most subjects that are too private. But I really do think it’s important to talk about this. It’s obviously a huge part of my life, and moving was definitely life changing for me.

Anyway, here’s to continuing to grow as a person in my new city and anywhere else my life may take me!


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Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • I think it's awesome you made that leap to make a change in your life! I feel like I can see some of your changes through your posts and your writing, you definitely seem happier and more outgoing. I've always been afraid of new situations and of talking to people, heck I'm the kind of person to race inside my house just at the mere thought of having to say hi to my neighbors! So I know it must have been scary to get out there on your own, but it looks like you are doing an amazing job, I think you are an inspiration for all the shy gals out there!

  • as someone who's been reading yr blog off & on for a while, i remember thinking that you seemed way too interesting to be in that tiny town, and wondering if you were gonna ever be able to explore that big bad world. so excited that you broke free. i know it's hard. i'm a wacky-looking-but-shy person too. it took me a while to learn that being shy doesn't = no fun, it's just different kinds of fun! and every time you challenge yourself, you get a little bit more free. congrats!

  • This is such a great post! I'm happy that you are so happy in your new place. Taking a leap is scary, but I've often felt like those times where you're kind of in between and forced to grow are some of the best times because it's all about finding who YOU are.

  • Hey I just found your blog and I've got to say, I'd love to hang out with you and Jeff sometime. I loved looking through your posts and seeing all the awesome places that are all around Cleveland. I'm new to the area and I came looking for more opportunity and to grow as an artist but so far I feel like I haven't really found my place. It would be really cool to shoot with you guys sometime. Ive been shooting for like ten years now and I am still learning new things all the time, I love it! Also- instant film is kind of an obsession of mine, I have to force myself not to buy more until I clear some space out of my (completely full) film fridge 😛