celebrating six months in Cleveland

Today marks six months since I signed the paper work, and picked up the keys to my own apartment. Can I just say it’s been a damn fine six months. Perhaps the best six months of my life. Moving to the city was a big, scary change. A few weeks ago when I was talking to my mom about how much I loved Cleveland, she said something along the lines of “it was scary for all of us, but it really was the best thing for you.” And it was. I was unhappy for a long time before coming here. Something had to happen, I had to leap. It was a necessity. I left behind so much; a lot of possessions, and a lot of familiar things. I gave up a house that I helped buy. I moved somewhere where I didn’t really know anyone. Do you know what though? It was so worth it because I found things I had been missing: freedom, a sense of self, happiness.

Since moving to Cleveland, life has been so much different. I’ve made awesome friends that I love dearly, discovered a love for a handful of new hobbies, and grown as person. I don’t even feel like the same Kaylah I was this time last year. It’s kind of funny actually, when I got my taxes done back in April I visited the same accountant that I used the year before, during our visit she mentioned multiple times how happy I seemed, how outgoing I was, and how I seemed like a new person. I was just tickled pink that someone I had only seen on a few brief instances could see such a huge change in me.

This is almost kind of strange to post. It’s personal. Even though this is my “personal blog”, I try to stay away from most subjects that are too private. But I really do think it’s important to talk about this. It’s obviously a huge part of my life, and moving was definitely life changing for me.

Anyway, here’s to continuing to grow as a person in my new city and anywhere else my life may take me!


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