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I finally finished going through and editing the last of the photos from June’s roadtrip out west. It’s so strange to me that this trip was so long ago, and on the same hand, it’s also crazy that it even happened. It was seriously probably the best week of my life.

This is just a collection of landscapes, and a few other random photos from the trip that didn’t really fit into the other posts. Since we went through six different states, we got to see a little bit of everything geography-wise. Even in a single state it was incredible how rapidly the land changed from dry, barren desert to lush mountains.

So those wild horses are amazing, right?! We had seen wild horses a day or so prior but since we were rushing to get to Wigwam Motel to check in we didn’t have time to stop. I wasn’t too bummed about it because just seeing wild horses totally made my day. While we were on our way up to Mesa Verde we spotted another group of them! I wanted to take pictures but was feeling frustrated after a crappy night’s sleep, and not knowing exactly how close I could get to them. As much as I like horses, I’m still just a little bit afraid of them. I felt rushed and just snapped some crappy shots. On the way back down the mountain they were still there. I took it as a sign I needed to shoot them again. I borrowed one of Jeff‘s lenses and took the photo above. I love that the one is looking right at the camera. SO AWESOME. I’m pretty darn proud of that shot.

I’m dying to hit the road again, even somewhere closer to home would be okay with me. I’m so glad to have found a partner who has the same priorities as I do. If it were possible, we’d probably travel nonstop. Fingers crossed we make it out again before winter hits.

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