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A while back I visited this UFO shaped building very briefly, really just long enough to snap the two pictures I have of it. Recently we took a quick little trip down to check it out again. My last visit I suspected it was abandoned but like I said, I didn’t really look around. I was a nervous new driver who didn’t want to cause any trouble at all. This trip it only took a matter of seconds before we confirmed it was abandoned. Sadly, it’s closed up tight so there was no snooping around the inside. It’s still an absolutely incredibly building, in my opinion. I seriously can’t think of a cooler building I have ever seen in person.

I searched and searched but couldn’t really come up with much more info other than it was built in 1976 and was used as office spaces for a variety of companies. It seems it’s been abandoned for a few years now. I peeked in all the windows in doors that I could only to see empty rooms and fallen ceiling tiles. It’s rare that I find myself thinking “wow, what a shame to see this place rot”*, but this is one of the few that made me feel that way. If I won the lottery, this is the place I’d be purchasing to make into my home!

* I feel like I should clarify myself on that one – it’s not that I don’t think abandoned buildings all have an air of sadness about them for one reason or another. For the most part I’m pretty matter of fact about stuff like this, abandonment happens, buildings are left to rot. But geeez, I really hate seeing amazing architecture in a state of disrepair. I guess “amazing architecture” is a matter of opinion on this one because it is totally tacky, but I’m all about it! Novelty architecture is my jam!

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