what I wore : polka dots + puppies!

crop top – Charlotte Russe
(no longer available, here’s a similar one.)
boots – Forever 21 (last year)
I cleaned out my closet last week. It was over stuffed and a lot of the things inside of it hadn’t been touched since I moved in. I packed a box full of things to take to the thrift store, a laundry basket full of things to possibly include in a sale (you interested?), and found a whole bunch of things I had completely forgotten about. This skirt was in the “maybe” pile until I tried it on and fell back in love. It’s a great length, it’s comfortable and best of all, it doesn’t need ironed before I wear it. Is it lazy of me to admit that was actually one of the requirements the things I kept had to meet, that I didn’t need to iron them before wearing them? It’s not necessarily that I mind ironing things before I wear them, it’s that I don’t like things getting wrinkly while I wear them.
The dogs were all about invading my photos. Crum is actually just in love with me. That dog seriously never leaves my side when I visit my parents. No matter where I go, he follows. I was sitting on a rock in the pond while my nephew looked for cool rocks. Who was by my side? Crum, just standing in the water. That dog is too sweet. Although getting slobber all over my sweater isn’t something I really appreciate, he sure does have a massive tongue!


PS. You can see this skirt styled another way here from 2013.

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