Dinosaur World

by Kaylah Stroup
One of the places in Cave City I really, really wanted to visit was Dinosaur World. I LOVE giant roadside dinosaurs and with one beckoning me from the side of the highway I couldn’t not go. Dinosaur World boasts over 150 life size dinosaurs on 20 acres of property. This place is insanely awesome. The dinosaurs are all tucked away in the woods along both sides of a beautiful little path the winds around the property. I took a total of one zillion photos, or something close to that…

Doesn’t it look incredible!? One of the reviews on the Roadside America app complained of the price, saying it wasn’t worth it for adults but I have to disagree on that one. At least five times while we were walking around I exclaimed “this place is soooo cool!” Easily the best dinosaur attraction I have ever been to. Definitely, definitely, definitely worth a stop if you’re ever anywhere near by!

Oh, and Jeff got eaten by a dinosaur. No big deal.

As I was reading over this post before hitting publish I realized it really sounded like a sponsored post, but it is hilariously not. I literally am just that excited about this place. Although, Dinosaur World, if you wanna hook a girl up with passes or something I wouldn’t complain! Hah!

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