The most wonderful time of the year!

Last week I spent one afternoon hiking with my pal Anthony. Fall in Ohio is so insanely beautiful. It was such a great day for a hike. Perfect weather, the colors all seem to be peaking, plus it had been raining for nearly a week straight beforehand so mushrooms were abound!

The mushrooms were great but the find of the day had to be that wood frog. I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen one, or maybe if I have it wasn’t such a vibrant color. Of course, since I didn’t know much about them Anthony, who teaches over at CSU, went into full on teacher mode and told me alllll about them. Did you know that the male wood frogs’ call sounds like a quack? Or that they’re extremely freeze tolerant? In the winter they hibernate in leaf litter or soil close to the surface. They’re able to survive freezing the whole winter then just thaw out in the spring. Isn’t that super incredible?

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