Victoreen Instrument Company // Part Two

Today I have more photos from Victoreen Instrument Company to share. I posted part one of these photos a few months back and this second installment accidentally got buried in my drafts. Since it’s been a while, here’s a quick recap on the building; Victoreen manufactured radiation meters. They provided much of the radiation equipment for the Manhattan Project (think atomic bombs, if you’re not familiar).
The building was built in 1926. Victoreen left in 1978 and the factory
was bought by another company for $1. The property was transferred a few
more times before the final sale in 2009. One would assume the building
was probably used but not properly cared for a little while before
eventually falling into disrepair.

And of course, this building became an instant favorite after finding a piece of graffiti from one of my favorites! (See more Think pieces here, here, here, + here!)


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