what I wore : polka dots

belt – snagged from another dress
necklace – Jesiiii
tights – Target
shoes – Le Bunny Bleu

I’ve somehow managed to keep this dress in my closet for over a year yet only wear it one time before this. The first time I wore it was actually around this time last year when I was in Philadelphia. Since then it’s sat untouched until my big closet clean out sale (which I still cannot believe went SO well!) I rediscovered it and decided it needed to be worn. It’s such a nice cut, if only it were black and white striped… Hah!

This outfit shoot did no go as planned. First a cop, who I’ve decided might not have even been a cop at all just someone strange in a uniform, walked up the road to where I was and just stopped about fifteen feet away from me. He started pacing around, looking up at me every few seconds, just sending off weird vibes. I tried waiting him out but eventually freaked myself out enough I just moved to the other side of the park. Better safe than sorry, right?  Especially if he wasn’t really a cop. There are crazy people out there, certainly ones crazier than that heavily tattooed girl alone at the park taking pictures of herself! Hehe. Then it started to rain, and then I broke my remote. Blergh. But I was pretty pumped when I got home, went through the photos and realized I liked enough of them to post! So it’s not all bad, always a silver lining.

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Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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