abandoned apartments

Last week Jeff, Brandon, and I met up early in the morning to do some exploring. I had scoped out a few abandoned buildings while cruising around the East side of Cleveland, things I wouldn’t necessarily snoop around by myself. That day we made our way into and around three abandoned apartment buildings. The first was actually the tallest abandoned structure I’ve ever been in, 10 stories tall! We, of course, hiked up the stairs and to the roof first. The view was incredible but I was more interested in what might be inside. As it turned out, there wasn’t much at all. Most of the apartments had been completely cleaned out. A few had a handful of items left, and then there was one that formerly housed a hoarder. (I’m sure it won’t be hard for you to figure out which photos those are!) Anyway, here’s a mix of photos from all three buildings… 

As we were exiting the last building and approaching the car, a cop rolled up to us. Instead of feeling us out on what we were doing, as if it wasn’t painfully obvious, he said “Hope at least of you is packing!” On that note, we were outta there!

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