Lagoon Deer Park // Instax 210

by Kaylah Stroup
I shared photos from my trip to Lagoon Deer Park back in October but while I was there I also shot with my instax 210. I hadn’t used it in a while, and honestly had forgotten how much I love the photos it produces. I used to spend a lot of time planning my photos with this camera and ultimately always ended up disappointed. I’ve recently taken to shooting quick, and thinking less about it. I love the results. They have a bit of a disposable camera vibe to them. Shots that would probably be discarded had they been shot with my digital camera always end up being my favorite on film.

It’s so hard to believe this was only just around a month ago. The weather here in Ohio changed SO quickly. It was 70 degrees one day, and then two days later we had a big snow storm. Since then the temperatures have been in the teens and when that wind is whipping it is BRUTAL outside. There was no smooth transition into winter so I’m kind of already feeling antsy about it ending. I would kill to be back in the pen with all these deer, sun shining, in less than the four layers that have become my uniform as of late. Spring can’t come soon enough.

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