The Spillway

A few weekends back Jeff and I spent the day at my parents. We hiked, got pizza, and visited a place I’ve been going since my childhood, the spillway. Located in Linesville, Pennsylvania, the spillway is kind of a strange attraction but somehow it manages to bring in tons of people every year since the 1930’s when it opened. The Spillway even claims to be Pennsylvania’s second most popular tourist attraction, after the Liberty Bell. Basically it’s just a place to go and see a whole bunch (thousands!) of carp, squirming around, and fighting to get pieces of bread tossed at them.

When I was younger my mom used to save up bread for weeks and we’d go with bags full. On this visit, since it was spur of the moment, we came unprepared. Still we found little scraps others had done a not so great job tossing and used them ourselves. It’s gross but somehow still super mesmerizing to watch the fish.

Along with carp there are lots of geese, ducks, and seagulls who are also anxious to be fed.

It’s not my normal side of the road attraction to blog about but it’s one that special to me* (plus my photos from the day turned out really well! Heh!)

*Yep, that’s right. A place where carp squirm all over each other to fight for bread is special to me. 😛

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