what I wore : on the tracks

jacket – Vegan Leather Moto Jacket c/o Golden Tote
sweater – c/o Golden Tote
necklace – Hannah Zakari (a few years back)
 jeans – TJ Maxx
camera bag – Lowepro

This feels like a very grown up outfit for me. There’s nothing really outrageous, other than my hair. For the most part, this is a pretty chill outfit and surprisingly enough I’m really into it. This sweater is definitely something I would pass right by in the store, never giving it a second look but I actually really love it. It was one of my surprise items in this month’s Golden Tote (more info on Golden Tote here!) As soon as I put it on I was smitten. It just fits really well, is cozy and looks great. I have a feeling it will be in heavy rotation this winter. It’s so great to find items that are simple, and easy to just throw on with anything without much thought. I’d like to fill my closet with those pieces.

I’ve been poking around the tracks a lot lately. I didn’t grow up around train tracks. I actually can’t think of any anywhere near my parent’s house but I always wished there were some close. I like that it’s a little escape from the city to be near the tracks. It’s quiet except for when there is actually a train, there’s usually no one else around, and on top of that, they’re a nice place to take pictures. I certainly wouldn’t mind living a bit closer.

PS. Ya like that rock by my foot that I used as a marker for the spot that was in focus? Definitely meant to kick it out of frame. Hah!

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