Foggy Cleveland

One day last week Mickey and I spent the day cruising around Cleveland. We stopped at a few abandoned places, got macarons, and spent a bit of time in the photobooth at Big Fun. It had been raining on and off all day, and on our way back toward downtown we noticed fog had rolled in. We ditched our plans of hitting one more abandoned spot and decided to do some walking around the city instead. Shooting the fog was a must. I feel like we don’t get fog that often here, or when we do it’s for a very, very short amount of time. You notice it, grab your camera, and when you finally get somewhere for neat pictures it’s gone.

For once the fog stuck around all evening. We walked around the whole city looking for pretty views. These were all taken within the span of around an hour and a half and are in the order they were taken. As you can see, this time of the year it gets dark SO quickly. I would loved to have kept shooting for longer but I was without a tripod, and we had fed the meter all our quarters.

cleveland, fog,
cleveland, fog, terminal tower
cleveland, terminal tower, lights,
Cleveland, christmas lights, city at night

I didn’t take that many photos and I realized while editing the ones I
did take, I don’t really have any idea how to shoot city photos. I am,
without a doubt, more comfortable shooting nature photos. Like I’ve mentioned a handful of times before, up until I moved here cities in general were absolutely foreign to me. The time I had spent in them was always short, and mostly just to attend concerts. I was a tiny country mouse in a big scary city, the last thing I was was comfortable enough to take photos. Now that thats all changed photographing the city is something
I really would like to practice a lot more. Since I absolutely love making
goals, I am making “practice taking city photos” one of my 2015 goals! It’s not that I think these are bad, but give me the same amount of time in the woods and I would come out with three times as many photos. I’m just not fluent in city photography… yet.

I already posted the above photo on my instagram a few days ago, but couldn’t resist another chance to show it off. I absolutely LOVE finding buildings that look like they have faces. I love how happy this one looks.

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