what I wore: stay cozy

what I wore, the dainty squid,
orange hair
shoe detail shot,


hat + scarf – Kin Ship Goods (last year)
coat – Colorblock Coat c/o Oasap
sweater – Striped Sweatshirt c/o Oasap
necklace – c/o Black Crystals
jeans – TJ Maxx
sunglasses – Tumbleweeds Handcraft

The only thing that could make this outfit better to me would be these boots. I currently own five pairs of Palladium Boots (sorry, I literally just told you that a few outfit posts back) but the thing is that they’re all black. Black matches everything, of course, but I’m aching for a brown pair. It took every ounce of my self control not to buy a few colorful pairs during their Black Friday sale.
Regardless, I’m loving this outfit as simple as it is. I will always have a wild streak in my style. I’m sure that some days, no matter how old I get or how “mature” my style gets, there will be days I just want to wear something completely wacky, and more than a little bit obnoxious.  I know I’ve talked about it in the past how what I wear a certain day all depends on how I’m feeling. One day I can
be very into a 50’s housewife look, and the next I might be most comfortable in jeans and a sweater, and the next day something completely different. Jeans and sweaters have been what feels right most of the time lately. I’m a little bit jealous of people who have a super consistent style but I guess there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up… everyday!I was curious what I was wearing around this time in previous years and stumbled upon this outfit post in my archives. I think that will forever be one of my all time favorite posts on The Dainty Squid. I still have that dress, I’m thinking it needs to make a reappearance soon. You know what else needs to make a reappearance? Elycia and our “what we wore” posts, right?!


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