Favorite Outfits from 2014

It’s a liiiittle late in the year to be doing a 2014 recap but despite that fact I can’t seem to get this one off my mind so I’m writing it anyway! Each year since I started doing outfit posts I’ve done a little round up at the end of the year with my favorites. Last year was kind of different for outfit posts. I moved at the beginning of the year which means I lost all favorite spots to shoot. I took a couple months off but honestly REALLY missed posting outfits.

It took a lot for me to venture out and find new spots in the city. I’ve glossed over it a lot in the past but I definitely have my fair share of quirks. One of which is that I’m extremely shy. I take that back, I used to be extremely shy (put me in the kinda shy category now) so going out into the city to find spots where I could do the most awkward thing ever – essentially take a ton of selfies – was rough. Slowly but surely I’m gaining confidence, and feeling less and less weird about what I do. It’s funny because in these photos, especially ones from closer to the time I moved I was the most uncomfortable I had ever been but by golly, I look the happiest. Each outfit shoot was a victory for me. They pushed me out of my comfort zone and I was rewarded with photos I loved.

Other than being little reminders of how far I’ve come with anxiety, it’s really neat to watch my style evolve. 2014 was definitely a game changer for my wardrobe. I went from dresses nearly all the time to wearing lots of jeans. I actually bought more jeans last year than probably anything else. My closet had maybe three pairs before that. My outfits now need to be able to handle anything as opposed to in previous years where I didn’t get out of the house much and the extent of what I really did was grocery shopping and light hikes in the woods.

Right now I guess you could say I’m on a short hiatus. It’s freezing here, and outfit photos, although I know I would love the photos, just don’t sound like that much fun. But I’m sure 2015 will be full of them, just give me a few weeks.

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