New Apartment Sneak Peek!

I’ve been living in my new place for just about a week now. Other than the furnace going out on my second night here it’s been amazing. How ironic is that since I was just complaining about my old place having a furnace I couldn’t control that was always set WAY too high. All my things are unboxed and for the most part, placed in the general area where they’ll stay. This place is going to be SO cute when I finally finish decorating.

My apartment has two bedrooms which is great because I can now have a separate room for my office. I chose the larger of the two bedrooms for my workspace. It’s actually the biggest office I’ve ever had (except for when I was working in the basement of my old house, which kind of doesn’t count) Aside from being massive, the room has two big windows that have a view of … wait for it… MY PORCH. Maybe that’s not a big deal to you but the one thing I really really missed moving to Cleveland was having flowers. At my old house, before I moved to the city, I had tons of plants. Each spring that was what I looked forward to the most. Now I finally get to have plants again. 

I’m sure you’ve noticed after looking at a few of the photos, it’s… a bit colorful.
The funny thing is, I didn’t even notice at first. After my first tour of the place Jeff and I were talking about it in the car and he mentioned something about the yellow walls to which my response was “what? yellow walls? where?!” I guess I was too busy checking out the general space and layout to even think about the wall colors. Then I kind of freaked. I planned on asking if I could paint it. Who could say no to white or beige, right? My next time in the place the landlord was raving about how great the colors were so I didn’t mention it. The next time was to sign the lease which clearly stated “no painting” so colorful walls it is! 
I’ve actually really come to love the colors already. They aren’t something I would choose but they’re working out really nicely with my things. My plants and maps look awesome up against the yellow. I’m pretty sure when I finally get everything hung I’ll like the colors even more. Builds character! This place is kind of quirky, and I’m digging it.

The other thing I’m over the moon about here is that I have a laundry room! At my old apartment there was laundry in the building but it was down four flights of stairs. After hauling your laundry down all those stairs there was then the possibility the only two machines down there might already be in use. (I also had neighbors who were great at leaving their wet clothes in the machine for days at a time) Even at my old house laundry was in the basement. This is my first time with same floor, in suite laundry. I’m so pumped to be able to wash clothes at my leisure!

I’m also excited that the washer and dryer are in a pretty decently sized room. The one thing this apartment is lacking is closet space. I don’t have a ton of things to store but I do have a few odds and ends – like my tent, sleeping bags, etc – that need somewhere to be placed. Right now I’m thinking the laundry room will be a catch all storage room. There’s also a chance I might turn it into a massive closet / dressing room. We’ll see!

And of course, the animals! They’re adjusting to the new place much quicker than they did to my old apartment. Squid hid in the litter box the first night but after that has been completely comfortable. Professor has been exploring since a few hours after his arrival. As for Klaus, I’m not even sure he realized we moved. As long as he’s with his two favorite people, Jeff and I, he’s a happy pup!

I also think the move brought the animals closer together. Klaus has wanted to be friends with both cats since day one but they’ve always wanted nothing do with him. In the past few months Professor has been warming up to him, and even laying in bed at the same time as him – never touching, of course. But Squid, she’s always kept her distance. If he’s even in her sight, she’s gone. This last week though? They’ve been hanging out a lot more. They were even caught laying on the same rug enjoying a ray of sun together. Slowly but surely they’re all getting more and more comfortable. I’m overjoyed! Above is the very first picture I have ever taken of the three of them together.

I’m looking forward to making this place my favorite yet. It has such potential. I keep wanting to type that I can’t wait to show you more but really, I just can’t wait to see how this place turns out. After a year in my old place I was finally just figuring out exactly how I wanted things. Hopefully this apartment gets put together a lot more quickly. I’ll be sure to share more pictures as I finish off rooms!

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