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Winter seems to finally have really hit in Cleveland. We held out a while but finally started getting snow. These last two weeks or so have been pretty brutal; below freezing temperatures, and some decent accumulation. My first thought every first big snow is “it’s time to go to the beach!”

I knew the beach I usually go to to do outfit photos, and collect trash from probably wouldn’t be too great, at least not this early in the winter so I ventured out of my side of town and over to the east side.  I wasn’t a hundred percent sure where to go but I knew there were marinas over there. Long story short I pulled into a park to turn around, and got my car stuck. My poor little VW Golf is pretty horrible in the snow, combine that with tires that are basically just for show, being downhill, and a warmish day where spinning my tires just turned the snow into ice. I wasn’t stuck for long before I realized I had no chance of getting out on my own and called Jason . We spent over an hour trying to work my car out before crossing our fingers, and just gunning it through the grass toward the sidewalk. It was kind of a fun little adventure. Things like that are way easier to look at from the bright side when you have friends who are always willing to come rescue you from stupid situations.

Anyway, I fiiinally made my way to the marina. It was just as beautiful and other worldly as I’d hoped. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of visiting the lake in the winter. I feel lucky to live so incredibly close to the water. You guys, my new apartment is a quick bike ride from my favorite beach. I cannot wait til it’s warmer out.

Like I mentioned, these were taken on a warmer day so a lot of the ice had already begun to melt. Since I’ve never actually been to this marina when there wasn’t snow it was kind of hard to traverse. With everything covered in snow I had to be extra careful to not take a wrong step.  I’m looking forward to going back when the temperatures drop real low again and I can climb around a little bit more confidently.

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