what I wore : making friends with the locals

button up shirt – Fun and Board Games Top c/o Modcloth
jeans – H&M
boots – Palladium Boots
necklace – eBay

I made a new friend while shooting outfit photos. This majestic little beast waltzed out from a crack in the abandoned building I was shooting up against and trotted straight over to me, meowing up a storm. When I would start to ignore her she’d walk away but as soon as I showed her the slightest bit of attention she’d run right back over. She liked being talked to a lot but was a liiiittle bite-y when it came to being pet. If I took pictures today my outfit details would include “scratches on hand – c/o of feral cat” I’m going to have to say it was worth it though because I was tickled pink to meet such an otherwise friendly feral cat. I wish I could become buddies with every animal I meet this quickly.

Actually as soon as I realized how friendly and social the cat was I called up Mickey, who is pretty awesome at finding homes for animals, to come scoop this guy up. She was there in basically five minutes but immediately pointed out the cat’s tipped ear, meaning she was part of the Trap-Neuter-Return Program. That didn’t stop the cat from hopping in Mickey’s car while the door was open though! Hah!

I’ve got my fingers crossed this fluffy little babe is there next time I go to shoot outfit photos there. I’ll come bearing treats.

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