2015 Bulletin Board

 At the beginning of each year I take everything off my bulletin board. A change of scenery is nice and I definitely do like to think of each new year as a fresh start. It just so happens that the beginning of this year also brought a new apartment my way. I haven’t gotten too much hung in my office yet, actually my bulletin board is the only thing on that wall so far. I don’t necessarily need a bulletin board, I don’t actually put anything important up there and when I do put a note to myself up there I usually forget about it. I just can’t seem to part with my bulletin board though. I love filling it with things I like. Happy photos, memories of good times, patches that won’t fit on my jacket, etc. Just a bunch of things I enjoy looking at.

I’m absolutely loving the little corner of my office that my desk is in. It’s already shaping up to be an awesome space. I’m dying to get the room finished. On one hand I feel like it might be one of the most complete rooms in my apartment so far but it’s definitely missing a lot. I could fit A LOT more furniture in here but other than lockers which I’ve been stalking craigslist and just about everywhere else for I think I’m going to leave it fairly open in here. Having a big room filled with plants, and just a cozy little corner to work in will be nice. I can’t wait to get it to a point where I can photograph and share it on here. Cross your fingers I can get my paws on some lockers soon!

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