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I mentioned a little while back how we took some out of town explorer pals around to some of Cleveland’s abandoned hot spots. We hit my favorite, the elementary school, and a handful of other spots. I took a lot of pictures but instead of trying to squeeze a post out of each location I’ve just compiled some of my favorites from the whole day. It’s been snowy and a bit too cold for me to want to do just about anything outside so it feels like the perfect day to share these.

Any Avengers fans out there? The beginning interrogation scene with Black Widow was actually filmed in the place shown in the photo above. They actually cut a huge hole in the floor for the movie. In the film they used CGI to make it look like the holes kept going but in reality there is just one hole there. This was actually one of the very first spots Jeff took me, he was so pumped but I had never seen The Avengers. That night we went home at watched just the beginning of the movie so I could see the part filmed in that building. It didn’t strike me as cool right away but I’ve definitely come to appreciate how awesome that is that one of Cleveland’s abandoned buildings was used in such a big movie.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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  • These are so rad! I'm jealous that you're able to find so many cool places and gain access to them. My city (Denver) tends to demo or post 352746 security gaurds the minute anything is vacated, so UE has become nearly impossible πŸ™

  • That is so cool – how did you guys find out that little tidbit about the avengers? And it's kind of great that these places are just sort of left there to be explored. Exploring abandoned places can be a lot of fun but sometimes you come into conflict with police and trespassing laws :/

    Rae | love from berlin

  • Amazing as always!

    My stepdaughter is moving to a city about an hour or so outside of Cleveland and I may have to stop by and visit the building where the Black Widow scene was filmed. I'm a huge Avengers fan. So is she but I don't want her parent mad at me if I bring her with.

    Love your photos. Thanks for sharing them.