Cleveland Snow Day

On Monday we had a major snow day. I didn’t have any where to go and even if I did, it wasn’t going to happen. My car was buried! Not only that but since I share a driveway with my downstairs neighbor I always pull into my driveway really far back so it would have taken me ages to shovel my way out which would have only lead to me getting stuck somewhere down the road. It was ROUGH outside. I worked, cleaned, did laundry, and made a delicious lunch all before ten so I decided to get out and explore my new neighborhood.

I’ve been living here for a little bit less than a month but I already feel way more at home here than I ever did in my five years in Geneva or year in Lakewood. The homes are beautiful, the people are friendly and daaaang, it’s going to be fun to bike this spring. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I took a two hour walk. It was just such an awesome time. Walking in the snow is awful tiring but it was more than worth it to get a peek at my new neighborhood covered in snow.

I’m really excited to get out and explore the area even more. I seem to have a habit of pushing things off until spring which is just plain silly, especially in Ohio. There’s so much to see in the winter. It’s not just the beach that’s beautiful this time of the year. Here’s to more long walks in the snow by myself and not using snow days as an excuse to be lazy.


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