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On my 2015 blog reader survey at the beginning of the year I asked for specific post ideas that you guys would be interested in seeing.* I actually had few people express interest in a series of posts similar to my “what I’ve been reading” posts except with television, movies, and video games. Definitely a fun idea so here we go!

In my monthly recap posts you probably might have noticed that I get stuck in musical loops. I will listen to a band over and over and over until I can’t stand it anymore. That’s actually pretty common with me and anything – when I discover something I like, I am obsessed. When I realized I liked iced chai, I drank it like my life depended on it. Orange chicken? I’ve been to the mall more in the last few months, just to get chicken, than I’ve been there in the past few years combined. Music is the same way.

Lately I’ve just been listening to LOTS of Aesop Rock, and even more Tim Kasher. It’s kind of funny because I always say I hate sad music, and Tim Kasher’s lyrics are gut-wrenching but it’s all so catchy! I just can’t stop. I’ve always liked Cursive but only recently gotten into his solo stuff. LOVE IT.

Aesop rock is always in my rotation of music. Definitely one of my all time favorites, standing beside Man Man and Why?. The last few weeks though I’ve been obsessed with Labor Days. Something clicked and even though I’ve heard it a hundred times before I was like “THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM EVER” I’m gonna need it on vinyl, asap.

We actually got to see Aesop Rock last week, along side Rob Sonic and DJ Abilities. It was nothing short of amazing. I’d been checking his website on an almost weekly basis for SO long waiting for tour dates to show up and shortly before Christmas a Cleveland date showed up. Looks like he’s on tour for about another month. You should probably try to go…

Homeboy Sandman is also touring with them. This was my first time hearing him and I wasn’t sold. It was almost like every other song was something that might be able to grow on me and the others I didn’t like…at all. When I came home I looked him up on Spotify to give his music another chance.  I basically still feel the same way but I might be obsessed with this song. According to I’ve listened to it, uh, 30 times in the last seven days. Haha.

Since Christmas I’ve been playing Hyrule Warrior. I wasn’t actually too excited about it. I normally buy new LoZ
games as soon as they come out but I was perfectly happy just waiting
for Santa to bring this one. It might not have been marketed as the next
big Zelda game for WiiU but it’s probably my favorite since Majora’s
Mask. This game rules, there’s just so much to do. The fact that I’ve been playing since Christmas should be some indication of that. You can play in a few different modes, as different characters, and you get to collect items and upgrade weapons. Since most of the levels are fairly short (less than twenty minutes) you can sit down, play a level and not ruin your whole day sucked into a game. Seriously, such a blast!

and I just finished watching the fourth season of American Horror
Story. I got an apple TV not too long ago and never really did anything
with it other than watch Netflix. We just discovered we could log into
Jeff’s cable and watch all those channels too so we can finally watch
AHS. When we realized we could do this and that it would actually play
we paused it and both looked at each other. He said something like “Can we just talk about how exciting this is!?
It was a really cute moment.  Anyway, this season was definitely better
than last. It had it’s moments when I was just like “no! what?!” but it was enjoyable.  Now that we’ve finished that I’m not sure what we’ll start. Any TV series recommendations? Curling up in bed with Jeff, and all the animals (Yes, you heard that right! All the animals!) to watch it is always one of my favorite parts of the day.

And that’s what I’ve been listening to, playing and watching! What about you?

*Although the survey is now closed, if you have a post suggestion feel free to contact me!

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