Summer Dreamin’

I love Ohio. I don’t know that I’ll stay here forever but it’s a really great state. We get four beautiful seasons and as much as I couldn’t imagine living somewhere that didn’t get snow, this winter is killin’ me! Each winter is a actually little bit worse than the last. I’m starting to see why my mom is so anti-winter, and why people retire to Florida.

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Snow isn’t so bad, it’s the temperatures. It has been absolutely freezing these last few weeks. With windchills reaching -20F, I am aching for spring! It’s been impossible to leave the house without wearing layers upon layers which is kind of a fun novelty at first but it’s getting old. I feel like this. I know as soon as summer hits I’m going to be complaining about how hot it is but I’m more than excited at the thought of wearing just a dress and not two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, three sweaters, etc. I’m ready for bare legs, sandals, showing off my shoulders, and the shock that happens every year when I see how heavily tattooed I really am. I mean, I see myself naked regularly but seeing myself in “summer clothes” always takes me by surprise. Like “woah, forgot about all these things!” I’m not the only one that does this, right?!

Right now (through Thursday) Modcloth is having a huge sale with tons of beautiful dresses 25% off. Perfect timing to shop for new spring clothes. Gotta celebrate the new season, aye?! I picked out some of my favorites which, of course, are all black and white, or black and gold but there are oodles of colorful little things in the sale section too.

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Here’s to bare legs and warmer weather, please come sooner rather than later!

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  • Yes to the tattoo thing! Every year I have to re-learn how to be stared at in public every single time I go anywhere and hear a lot of "sick tats" from street kids. haha

  • Living in the south, I have never experienced a winter like yours. I'd be such a baby about it if I did haha! The summers are brutal here though, and I'm always dreaming of moving to a place that has mild summers and mild winters and not an extreme of either. I'll be happy when Spring is here ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh, you lucky lady!! Yep, that's what I'd really like, and that's what I feel like Ohio used to have. Maybe I just didn't think winters were so bad when I was a kid but these last few years have felt SO cold.

  • You're definitely not the only one! I don't have nearly as many, but I too, will forget about my tattoos sometimes and will get surprised when I see them in the mirror when I'm still in that half-asleep, pre-shower state, ha! And I am loving that lunar necklace!

  • I'm heavily tattooed as well, so I know exactly what you mean about that! I live in Minnesota, so I get about 6 months of the year where I'm covered up. Frankly, it's nice to have a break from people commenting on my tattoos for a while during the winter, but I do still get occasional questions about my knuckle tattoos when I don't have gloves on.

    • It's strange because I spend so much time covered up that when summer comes around and people start staring and asking questions again it takes me by surprise.

  • Haha! I KNEW that link was going to be something related to the Christmas Story scene. In total agreeance though. This cold is brutal and it's taking every once of my motivation to even make it out of the house. It's still doable, just brutal. =/

  • So ready for Spring! I used to live in Southern California and couldn't empathize with the rest of the country getting tired of winter, cold, and snow. And I didn't really get why everyone made such a big deal about going to Florida or the Caribbean for Spring Break.. like, can't they just wait until it gets warmer where they live? I live in Richmond, VA now, and I totally get it. The first few winters I was like, snow, yay! And now I'm a big old grump about it. Haha.. Summer used to be my least favorite season and now it's my favorite. It's coming….!!

  • my tattoos aren't really visable during the winter and once spring comes and i stop wearing cardigans people start asking me "did you get a new tattoo?" or telling me they had no idea. it's kind of fun! i also have a few that i almost never see (back of the thigh, middle of my back) and it is always fun to notice them in photos. sometimes i forget!

  • I know what you mean! I am actually in Ohio right now, driving my way back from out west, and holy moly — well, it's a far cry from wearing shorts and sleeping under the stars in California. Don't get me wrong, as a New Englander, I am used to the cold, but I was kind of hoping spring would come once I decided to come home… darn! Haha