36 degrees + 8.9 miles

Last week we had a few pretty nice days, a sure sign spring is on it’s way…finally. On Wednesday it was nearly 40 degrees which almost feels tropical compared to the weather we’ve been having. I set out to take outfit photos but after driving around for around fifteen minutes decided I’d rather be on my bike. I ran some errands (upgraded my phone! woot woot!) and then scurried back home to layer up.

My new apartment is only fifteen minutes away by car from my old one but that difference when it comes to biking is HUGE. I never did like biking in Lakewood, I prefer it around downtown and in all the little neighborhoods surrounding. I used to drive from my apartment to Jeffs, park and then bike from there. It was such a time suck to have to do that, and it stopped me from going out a lot of the time. From my new apartment all of these places are a hop, skip, and jump away. It’s awesome. I still haven’t gotten over the fact I live in such an awesome little neighborhood. I finally feel like a city girl. I know that has to sound so silly to people are more accustomed to city life, or at least didn’t live in the middle of nowhere for the majority of their life but THIS. IS. SO. AWESOME! It’s so great that at any time I can just hop on my bike and so explore Cleveland.
Sadly, it’s been way too cold for me. I want to try to come up with a really good excuse on why I took a little accidental one month hiatus from my bike but I just hate riding in the cold, plain and simple. Maybe I was ill prepared? I know next year, or rather when winter comes around again at the end of the year, I plan on buying better winter biking clothing. But really, I don’t enjoy layering or being outside when it’s freezing. It just doesn’t excite me like it did when I was a kid.
It was so cold out that my banana was a tiny bit frozen when I finally stopped to eat it… and it was literally one of the best bananas I’ve ever eaten. Guess I prefer them cold. Who knew!

The cold weather, and my great distaste for it has really thrown a wrench in my mileage these last three months. I set a goal for the end of the year of one thousand miles and right now I’m sitting at 19.84. Haha. Am I worried I’m not going to reach my goal? Not one bit. I got this, you just wait until it warms up a bit!

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