Don’t call it a comeback…

If you’ve been following for some time you might remember when The Dainty Squid was a sewing business, and not just a blog. (Oh yeah, and you might have noticed that giant sewing machine tattoo on my chest!) Sewing was my life. Day and night, it’s nearly all I did. That lead to me getting burnt out. I didn’t touch my machine for a few years other than to sew a patch on my coat every once in a blue moon. I’ve mentioned a few times over the last few months how I’ve had the creative itch again. After a weird year or so I’m finally feeling like myself. I’m dabbling in a few other creative outlets, like embroidery and watercolors, but deep down I missed sewing a lot.
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I really enjoyed making zipper pouches. It’s super relaxing to me, and as someone who loves organization – I love pouches. I still have a handful from my old sewing days that I use everyday to keep my camera bags tidy. It hit me a couple weeks back what I wanted to do! I could get fabrics printed with my photos on them and sew pouches with them. This would combine my favorite hobbies, photography and sewing, and that way I’d have something unique to offer. I wasn’t exactly sure how good the fabric would look so I just went ahead and got three photos that I had already taken for my society6 shop printed. I could barely contain my excitement when I opened the package. The fabric turned out even better than I expected. I immiedately set to work gathering the rest of my supplies, and got sewing. I’m so proud of how these babies ended up looking. I actually have them sitting on my desk beside me right now because I seriously just love seeing them!
I’d like to produce a new set of fabrics hopefully once every month or two. I think from here on out I’d like them to be a little bit more tied together with a theme, like I said these were just tests that turned out really well! I considered opening up the shop again full time but realized it would be a lot more fun for me creatively if I did it this way with little flash sales. I’ll definitely give more notice before the next one, hopefully with some sneak peaks before the release, as well as a date of when to expect them to go live but this batch really just came together so quickly I couldn’t hold off sharing them. 

They’re available for purchase here. I only have a few of each of the three prints so if you’re interested I’d act quickly. I’m still undecided on whether or not I’ll be getting any fabrics, these or future collections, reprinted. So consider these babies limited edition!

Update – In exactly one hour I sold out completely. I am blown away. You guys are the actual best. Due to overwhelming demand, I’ve made five more of each print available for pre-order. The fabric is ordered. I will sew, and ship as soon as it gets here. Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipment.

Ps. I’m curious to hear what else you’d like to see on pouches! What sorts of themes would you be interested in? I’m down to hear any suggestions.

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  • This is awesome, I'm so glad you got your sewing mojo back! Sometimes you just need one great idea to get you back into the swing of things! I recall that sometimes you press mushrooms along with your flowers, if you had enough of them to photograph they would make a great image! I've recently started to learn dressmaking and I've thought about designing my own fabric so that I could have a really unique dress. I wonder if you could actually just sell the fabric you've designed as well? I bet you'd get a lot of interest in that!