It’s the little things…

by Kaylah Stroup
…or maybe the really, really big heavy things?

 What a coincidence that the day I posted this post about how I was holding off on a full office tour (and apartment warming party) until I found lockers things would finally fall together and I’d end up with a gorgeous set of my own. I guess I could have waited until my office tour post to share photos but y’all, I am SUPER excited about these babies.

I had actually been trying to get them for a few days prior to that post. I had contacted the seller asking for dimensions to make sure they weren’t too big but it took nearly a week before I heard back so I had basically given up on them. When I finally heard back, and measured my staircase it was on. I had to have them. Things just weren’t working out though. The seller was slow to respond to emails so setting up a time to pick them up was difficult. After one failed attempt I was worried I had missed out. They were a deal, and they were exactly what I wanted for the room so back to craigslist I’d have to go. But then I got another email, and we set up plans for the next day.

Now, the adventure of getting them home! None of my friends own a truck or van but Jason has the “SwagWag”. It had already successfully hauled my mattress from apartment to apartment (with only tape securing it. Haha!) so why not lockers? I think we all might have underestimated how much lockers weigh and how awkward something so large is to move though. Luckily someone from the warehouse was kind enough to forklift them on to Jason’s car, all while giving this “you kids are idiots” smirk.

Ten long miles later and they were back at my apartment. Getting them off the car and up my stairs was a challenge to say the least. I ripped my coat while trying to help, and then nervously paced while the boys tried and tried to move these massive, awkward things up my stairs. Long story short, it was next to impossible so we had to wait a few hours until Brandon got off work and was able to lend a hand.

Finally upstairs and right where I wanted them to be, I think they might be even more perfect than I could have ever pictured. The color looks so awesome with my wall color. I immediately scrubbed them down and started filling them up with my things.

I still can’t believe what a challenge it was to get these babies upstairs. I don’t know why I didn’t think about how hard it would be but I sure am lucky to have such awesome friends to help out. Love you dudes!

So! You can obviously be expecting a full office tour sometime in the next few weeks. I am pretty darn excited about how this room came together. These lockers were just what the room was missing.

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