Lake Erie Fog

Last week as I was sitting in my office, pecking away at the keyboard I happened to look up and notice it looked kind of weird outside – either there was a huge fire or it was insanely foggy. I live just around a mile, as the crow flies, away from the lake and even though that’s super close I normally don’t see any fog up here. I immediately packed up my camera bag, jumped in the car and headed to the lake. As soon as I got to the first cross street I hit the wall of fog. Just the densest, craziest fog I’ve ever seen. The closer I got to the lake the thicker it was. It was beautiful. I was in heaven. Maybe it’s because we don’t get enough of it up here but I swear it never loses it’s charm for me. Must not for everyone else either because for the first time since the end of summer the park was full of people. Everyone was out photographing the fog.

After leaving the park I drove around Cleveland to see how far the fog reached. I found a few other spots to pull over and jump out for photos but my favorite of the day has to be the one below! Plus I met a cat a few feet away so win/win!

Even if it kind of stresses me out to have to rush around before the fog disappears, I really enjoy the adventure of it. It’s like being a storm chaser – except WAY less dangerous. Okay, it’s nothing like a storm chaser but it does involve weather and a camera so that’s fun. Fingers crossed there are lots more foggy days for me to run around like a nut trying to photograph.

You can find photos from the last time I photographed fog at the lake here.

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