what I wore : pattern clashing champ

pin – Tumbleweeds
necklace – c/o Shlomit Ofir
shoes – Melissa c/o Loly in the Sky
Perhaps I was kind of jumping the gun a little with this outfit but it was what I thought was the first day of spring (alas, I was actually a week early! Haha!) Showing some skin and wearing something bright and floral was kind of a necessity after the long winter. It was maaaaybe a little bit windier than I had anticipated but SPRING!  It’s funny how 50 degrees after winter is so warm, but at the end of summer it’s freezing. It felt so good to ditch some of the layers that had become necessity. I’m looking forward to many more days of bare legs.
Underneath this gorgeous skirt I’m wearing my first petticoat. I picked out this one from Unique Vintage. I’ve actually wanted one for a while but for one reason or another just never picked one up. First of all, this skirt looks so darn cute all fluffed up. It looked cute without it but with the extra volume it’s just perfect. Secondly, it is darn fun to twirl in a petticoat. I spent the majority of my day just swinging my hips back and forth. I actually took some really cute photos of me flashing the petticoat for this post but I was a little too good at flashing if you know what I mean. Haha. Oh well, I’m sure it’s not the last time I’ll be wearing it!
In the few days since my haircut I have come to love it, like super duper love it. Jeff described it as “your old hair version 2.0” which is pretty true. The hairdresser was a bit crass, putting down the photo I had come in with with such venom, but she apparently is pretty darn skilled and knew what would look awesome on my head.  It’s so darn pretty. I have pin straight hair, I come from pin straight hair. It’s rare my hair has an volume, and it’s pretty thin so it never really looks good long. But this haircut makes my hair do everything I want it to.  Seriously, that first photo of my hair that is my dream hair! I guess change is pretty good after all!Hope you have an excellent day!

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