30 days of biking recap

by Kaylah Stroup

Today’s ride will wrap up 30 days of biking. I did it, I rode every single day! Rain, snow(!?), and sunshine. Some days I biked in shorts and a t-shirt, there were others I wore two pairs of pants, my winter jacket, gloves and a hat. I rode a total of 175 miles, not including today’s ride obviously.It was an interesting month for sure, and not just because of the weather. In the middle of the month there was actually a bit of a mishap. Long story short, while riding with three of my friends we were attacked and I was ripped off my bike by some “tough guy” trying to steal my backpack. I actually wrote a long blog post about it that is still sitting in my drafts because it was just too raw, too full of emotion. It was traumatic and I’m still not positive I want to talk about it. All that matters now is that we’re all okay, they weren’t able to steal anything from us, and that I didn’t let it stop me from getting back on my bike. The next few days were tough, I didn’t want to ride. But for some darn reason my commitment to 30 days of biking was too strong to break. I was back in the saddle the next morning, and have been every day since. Booyah! You can’t steal my backpack or my fun, ya turd.

On a lighter note, it felt SO good to ride everyday. I don’t know that my body actually looks any different but I certainly feel like it does. I feel so strong. If there’s one part of my body I’ve struggled with it’s been my thighs. I’ve always hated the way they look when I’m sitting, how they flatten out and look a billion times bigger. Sitting in shorts I’d always be on my tip toes so my thigh wouldn’t be completely flat. But you guys, my thighs are sexy. I don’t care how big they are now. They’re strong. They’re made of muscle. I’m proud of them.

30 consecutive days of biking was a bit stressful for me just because I was watching the weather like a hawk and that’s something I never do. There were days I’d see it was going to rain in the evening so I’d rush out in the morning when I didn’t really want to ride and do a few obligatory miles only for it not to end up raining later in the day. I feel like I may have possibly gotten more miles in this month if I hadn’t been worrying about squeezing in a bike ride at a certain time and just went with the flow, if that makes sense.

30 days of biking, I love/hate you. You kept me on my bike when I didn’t want to do be, which in this case was the best thing for me. I’m glad April is over but I’m already looking forward to doing it again next year!

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