First Hike of Spring

One of my favorite spring activities is hiking with my family. This year it seems like spring was a little slow to start. The snow took forever to melt, and the cold just seemed to linger on and on. That coupled with the fact I’m now living a lot further away from my parents means our family hikes have been quite limited. Easter was the first one all year. It was great though because my brother, my nephew, and my niece joined us as well. It’s really fun to see the little ones (although they’re not so little anymore!) getting into nature. Grace came wearing a vest that was equipped with a magnifying glass, walkie talkie and a few containers for bugs. I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture of that now! But I did take lots of other pictures…

I guess it’s becoming kind of an annual tradition for me to share photos from early spring hikes. Check out last year’s post – 2014.

Author: Kaylah

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