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not pictured but still awesome – bicycle print shorts!!!

Spring is in full swing here (errr except for the random cold days we keep getting) and my bike is essentially all I have on my mind. My poor car has been neglected but my body has never felt better. Seriously, you should feel my thighs. I wanted to make a post with little round up of bike related things I’ve been spotting all around the internet. Clothing with bicycle prints, an adorable lunch box, and even a repair kit! I actually bought this skirt and these shorts to go under it last week. I’m pretty excited to get them. Maybe it will even be the skirt that helps me meet my “bike in a skirt or dress” goal.
Speaking of bikes, I’ve actually taken the pledge to ride my bike everyday this month. I found this website just a couple of days before the first of the month. The goal is to ride your bike everyday in April no matter the distance, or the weather. For every thirty pledges they’re working to donate a bike to Free Bikes 4 Kids. A great cause and an excuse to get out everyday for a ride. I was definitely interested but kind of afraid to commit. I actually waited until we were four days into the month before I was like “yeah, I guess so! I’ve ridden these last four days anyway…” I just don’t want to miss a day and feel super guilty about it. I’m going strong so far! I’ve been able to avoid the rain but doubt that will last for long. April showers might bring May flowers, but they also are whats having me question why I signed up. Heh! Wish me luck! And definitely consider signing up for yourself! We may be a few days in but it doesn’t matter, the sign up is still open and if you’re really concerned you can just make up the days next month. 

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